2021 Congress Theme

A Creative Vision for the Future is the main theme of Pacifichem 2021.  Two subthemes are incorporated into the forward-looking conference: Core Chemistry and Chemistry for Global Challenges.

A Creative Vision for the Future

Chemistry is, and always should be, a creative enterprise, providing us with unique and unprecedented innovations to make human society happier, healthier and more sustainable.  In addition to being a discovery science, chemistry allows us, through limitless combinations and permutations of the over 100 elements, to create new substances and materials that nature has not yet seen in the 13.5 billion-year history of our universe and to employ them in the betterment of our Earth.

We do hope that Pacifichem 2021 will create an active forum and a productive platform where thousands of papers will disclose state-of-the-art, cutting edge findings in chemistry and related multidisciplinary areas that inspire active discussion and opportunities for international collaboration, thereby promoting creativity and a clear creative vision for chemistry.

Core Chemistry

A focus on the core areas of chemistry has been maintained in all previous Pacifichem Congresses.  For Pacifichem 2021, these Core Chemistry areas will include: Analytical; Organic; Inorganic; Physical, Computational and Theoretical; Macromolecular and Biological Chemistry; Materials Science; Nanotechnology; Chemical Education and Communication; and Chemical, Biological and Biomedical Engineering.  The core topic areas are vitally important for the future progress of our field and for addressing emerging global challenges.

Chemistry for Global Challenges

This subtheme emphasizes the important mission of chemistry: a science that contributes to the human society and helps to create a better world for the future.  The Global Challenges topic areas for Pacifichem 2021 will provide symposia and forums for new, emerging, futuristic, and/multidisciplinary areas in: Chemistry for Sustainability; Chemistry of Energy; Chemistry of Health Care; and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Beyond.