Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For Abstract Submitters & Attendees:

When does the convention registration open?

When does registration for housing open?

When does abstract submission open and close?

Can I submit my abstract somehow after the submission deadline has passed?

When will I learn whether my submitted abstract is accepted?

When will scheduling notices be sent?

For CSOs & Symposium Organizers:

When will the submission site open and close for symposium proposals? How frequently are proposals solicited?

Can I submit my symposium proposal somehow after the deadline has passed?

When will I learn the status of my submitted symposium proposal?

When will I know which dates my symposium will be held?

Can I get more half-day sessions allotted for my symposium?

Are symposium organizers eligible for a registration waiver?

Can my co-organizers or I also be an invited speaker for my symposium?

What is an Official Participating Organization (OPO)?

How can my organization become an OPO?

What is the Pacifichem, Inc.’s Diversity & Inclusion Statement?

Pacifichem 2020 Congress Online Submission System:

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