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All symposia are managed through the Pacifichem 2021 On-Line Symposium System.

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Organizer’s schedule for reviewing and scheduling the abstracts

  • July 12 – 21: CSOs have access to ScholarOne platform to update session presentation assignments
  • July 22: CSO access to ScholarOne closes – no program changes can be made after this date. (Except for adding of any missing session moderators)
  • July 28: Presenter scheduling notices sent through the ScholarOne platform
  • August 3: Registration vouchers sent to CSOs
  • August 3: Congress registration and housing reservations open
  • October 1: Non-technical event request deadline
  • October 11: Presenter registration deadline
  • October 15: Presenters who are not registered are removed from program
  • October 2 (approximate): Final Program Published
  • November 1: Deadline for Symposia Sponsorship funds collection
  • November 16: Hotel reservation deadline

Included below are answers to common questions.  If you are unable to find help below, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

If I am unable to travel to Honolulu as an organizer, can my symposium remain in the program?

  • Yes, symposia sessions will take place in Honolulu and/or virtually even if the organzier(s) cannot attend in-person.

What options exist for authors to present their work as part of the Pacifichem 2021 Congress?

The following formats will be part of the 2021 scientific program:

  •  Oral – In-person: Session will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii. Presenter must be in-person in Honolulu for the in-person Congress to participate in this live session.
  •  Oral – Virtual: Session will be fully virtual through a virtual platform. Presenter will be presenting through the virtual platform over the internet through their own device (computer, tablet, phone) and travel to Honolulu is not required.
  • Poster – In-Person: Session will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii. Presenter must be in-person in Honolulu for the in-person Congress to participate in this live session.
  • Poster – Virtual: Session will be fully virtual through a virtual platform. Presenter will be presenting through the virtual platform over the internet through their own device (computer, tablet, phone) and travel to Honolulu is not required.
  • On-demand virtual library: Pre-recorded presentation/poster uploaded to the virtual congress platform can be viewed on-demand by all congress attendees. Participation is optional for all presentations.

Is it still possible to submit late abstracts and add to the program?
No, we can no longer accept any late submissions for the Pacifichem 2021 Scientific Program

Can Virtual Congress attendees attend in-person sessions?
No, in-person sessions will not be filmed, recorded, or streamed. Only in-person attendees and presenters who are able to travel to Honolulu will be able to participate in these in-person sessions

Can In-person attendees participate in virtual sessions?
Yes, in-person attendees may access live virtual sessions and the on-demand virtual platform library using their personal device while in Honolulu.

How do I view whether a presenter chose to present in-person or virtually?
Within the CSO Sessioning Session Builder, click on the abstract Control ID to view abstract details. The presenter preference should appear at the top of the pop-up window

I had previously arranged my sessions to include both in-person and virtual presentations in the same session. Will I be able to adjust this schedule?
The Pacifichem Administration team has already made updates to split in-person and virtual presentations into separate sessions within your symposium. CSO Sessioning will be open July 12 – 21 (EDT) for you to review these updates and make further adjustment to your sessions as needed.

What updates were made by the Pacifichem Organizing team since CSO Sessioning closed on June 30?
The Pacifichem Organizing Team made the following updates for all Symposia:
• Added additional Virtual Oral sessions and moved all virtual presentations to these sessions.
• Moved all in-person oral presentations previously in an evening session to a daytime (AM/PM) session within the same symposium.
• Removed all in-person evening sessions from the program
• Where space allowed, merged AM/PM sessions within the same symposium so all sessions maximize the use of the full 240-minute session duration
• Removed remaining unused AM/PM oral sessions from the program
• Split poster sessions into separate in-person and virtual poster sessions, based on the presenter’s presentation preference

Can presenters update their presentation preference (in-person/virtual) before July 21? Are they aware that their preference must be final by July 21?
All accepted presenters were notified on 7/9 of their current presentation assignment and informed that this assignment will be final on 7/21. Presenters have been instructed to contact CSOs to request a change to their presentation format. CSOs should reassign abstracts to the appropriate session directly in the ScholarOne platform as needed between July 12 and July 21.

How will Pacifichem handle last minute changes to travel plans, for example presenters who are scheduled for an in-person presentation, but are unable to travel due to covid-19?
Once the program is finalized on July 21, presentations cannot be moved from their assigned in-person or virtual session. If for any reason the presenter is not able to attend a scheduled in-person oral session, the time scheduled for that presentation should be used for discussion or additional Q&A during the session. All in-person presenters have the option to record a presentation and upload this recording to the virtual platform library for on-demand viewing. If the presenter misses their assigned live presentation, they should plan to provide a pre-recorded presentation to avoid being withdrawn from the program.

What happens if a CSO cannot attend the in-person?
The CSO should designate a session moderator for any in-person sessions.

What are the registration fees for in-person and virtual registration?
Registration fees will be confirmed later this month (July) and shared with CSOs along with your allotted complimentary presenter registration vouchers.

If a presenter withdraws from an oral session, can we still move a poster presenter into the oral session to fill this space?
You may adjust your sessions in this manner while the ScholarOne platform CSO Sessioning role is open from July 12 – 21.

A presenter previously indicated their presentation preference but have now changed their mind. Can I move them to an in-person/virtual session to match their updated preference?
Yes, if you are contacted by a presenter to update their presentation type, please make the necessary update directly in the ScholarOne platform CSO Sessioning after July 12 and no later than July 21.

My symposium does not have enough presentations for more than a single session, can I assign all to a single in-person or virtual session?
You may choose to schedule all presentations within a single session. We recommend scheduling all in a virtual session so that all will be able to participate. Be aware that virtual presenters are not able to participate in any in-person sessions.

How can we keep up with the latest information about travel to Honolulu and covid-19 related restrictions?
Current Travel Status:

Evening virtual sessions will begin very late in most of the Americas. Why were they scheduled this way?
We recognize that the situation and the scheduling of Pacifichem 2021 has presented challenges for all in finding solutions that will serve all 7 Pacific Rim Chemistry Societies engaged in conference organization. Virtual sessions were scheduled in consideration of participants in Asia, since those participants will likely face the majority of travel restrictions that will prevent in-person attendance. The virtual sessions were scheduled to allow the largest number of attendees from Asian time zones to comfortably attend.

What financial support does Pacifichem 2021 provide for invited speakers?

Pacifichem 2021 does not provide any direct financial support for invited speakers.  It is the responsibility of the symposium organizers to provide monetary support.  However, Pacifichem 2021 will provide complimentary registrations in the form of registration voucher codes for invited speakers using the following procedure:

    • Two (2) complimentary registrations will be allocated per daytime half-day daytime session if sessions contains 6 or more oral presentations
    • One (1) complimentary registration voucher code for less than 6 oral presentations per half-day daytime session.
  • No complimentary registrations will be allocated for evening sessions. Pacifichem will email the voucher codes to the Corresponding Symposium Organizer (CSO) who then distributes them to the speakers or organizers. Voucher Codes will be distributed in the summer of 2021 to the CSO of qualified symposia.
  • Voucher code allocation will be made based on sessions as they were prior to update to include virtual oral sessions.

Can Pacifichem copy my co-organizers on all communications?

No.  It is not feasible for Pacifichem Administration to copy the co-organizers or other members on the symposium organizing team in our communications.  As practiced through the two proposal submission periods, it is the responsibility of each Corresponding Symposium Organizer (CSO) to manage the communications within their own organizing group.  Each Pacifichem symposium is attached to a single CSO and all of our communications and system accounts are managed through the unique email address of the responsible CSO.  If a CSO is unable (even temporarily) to continue managing the symposium, then the CSO has the option of recruiting one a co-organizer or a colleague to become the acting CSO.  Be sure to let know if there are any changes to the CSO for your symposium.

Are the symposium organizers responsible for reviewing and scheduling the abstracts submitted to their symposia?

Yes. Each symposium account is managed within the online abstract management platform by the CSO.  CSOs are responsible for assigning all abstracts to sessions, arranging presentation order and duration, and designating session hosts within the online platform.