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All symposia are managed through the Pacifichem 2021 On-Line Symposium System.

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Organizer’s schedule for reviewing and scheduling the abstracts

  • Abstract Submissions open: January 2, 2021
  • CSOs access open for review and schedule abstracts: February 15, 2021
  • Call for Abstracts closes: April 12, 2021
  • CSOs Finalize Reviewing and Scheduling Abstracts: May 17, 2021


Included below are answers to common questions.  If you are unable to find help below , don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

In which venue will my sessions be located?

  • Venue locations will be shared in Summer 2021 as these may change depending on the pandemic situation and other factors. The Organizing Committee believes, however, that the later venue assignment will not affect CSO’s programming of a symposium. If there is any difficulty in sessioning, please do not hesitate to notify the Scientific Program Subcommittee at or

How should I arrange abstracts in my oral session(s)?

  • Each half-day oral session should have a maximum duration of 4 hours and should contain at least five (5) presentations. Sessions may have a short break (10 min) for networking or coffee; Sessions may also incorporate a short (5 min) introduction or conclusion. Evening sessions will be 2 hours in duration.
  • Each half-day oral session should have speakers from more than one country.
  • Limits on oral and poster presentations: Maximum of 2 invited presentations per individual speaker. Maximum of 3 presentations (2 invited plus 1 contributed) per individual speaker. (There is no limit on co-authorship).
  • All oral papers should be a minimum of 15 minute duration. The duration of invited oral papers (e.g., 20 min, 30 min, 40 min) is at the discretion of the symposium organizers. However, organizers should note that shorter invited talks (e.g. 20 or 30 min) allow for greater flexibility with scheduling more speakers per session.
  • Full Symposium Guidelines:

Can the session schedule for symposia be changed?

  • No.  Due to space limitations, we cannot grant any additional sessions or make changes to the session schedule. The Pacifichem Organizing Committee carefully considered all of the conflicts and requests for scheduling submitted by the organizers.  During session scheduling, we were not able to accommodate all requests to 100% because the session room blocks available to Pacifichem 2021 are at full capacity.

What financial support does Pacifichem 2021 provide for invited speakers?

  • Pacifichem 2021 does not provide any direct financial support for invited speakers.  It is the responsibility of the symposium organizers to provide monetary support.  However, Pacifichem 2021 will provide complimentary registrations in the form of registration voucher codes for invited speakers using the following procedure:
    • Two (2) complimentary registrations will be allocated per daytime half-day daytime session if sessions contains 6 or more oral presentations
    • One (1) complimentary registration voucher code for less than 6 oral presentations per half-day daytime session.
  • No complimentary registrations will be allocated for evening sessions. Pacifichem will email the voucher codes to the Corresponding Symposium Organizer (CSO) who then distributes them to the speakers or organizers. Voucher Codes will be distributed in the summer of 2021 to the CSO of qualified symposia.

Can Pacifichem copy my co-organizers on all communications?

  • No.  It is not feasible for Pacifichem Administration to copy the co-organizers or other members on the symposium organizing team in our communications.  As practiced through the two proposal submission periods, it is the responsibility of each Corresponding Symposium Organizer (CSO) to manage the communications within their own organizing group.  Each Pacifichem symposium is attached to a single CSO and all of our communications and system accounts are managed through the unique email address of the responsible CSO.  If a CSO is unable (even temporarily) to continue managing the symposium, then the CSO has the option of recruiting one a co-organizer or a colleague to become the acting CSO.  Be sure to let know if there are any changes to the CSO for your symposium.

Are the symposium organizers responsible for reviewing and scheduling the abstracts submitted to their symposia?

  • Yes. Each symposium account is managed by the unique Email address of the CSO.  See attached help documents and view additional resources at

Can symposium organizers submit abstracts?

  • Yes! Symposium organizers may submit abstracts to their own symposium or to other Pacifichem 2021 symposia.  The CSO will be able to submit an abstract using their Pacifichem 2021 Abstract System account.  Co-organizers submit abstracts by creating a separate submission account (available January 1).  If the CSO or co-organizers want to attend the symposium, then they will, of course, need to register for the meeting