Student Research Competition

Qualifications for the Student Research Competition


To be eligible for the competition, the candidates must be either:

  • a Graduate Student:A Graduate student is a student working toward a post-baccalaureate or post-graduate diploma or qualification granted by a college or university. The student is working toward, for example, a Master’s (MS) or Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree in chemistry or a related field of science.


  • an Undergraduate Student: An Undergraduate is a student working toward a post-secondary diploma or qualification granted by a college or university. The student is working within a course of study toward, for example, a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Sciences (BS or BSc) degree in chemistry or other field of science.

These qualification criteria apply to the student status as of June 1, 2020. Due to Congress reschedule to 2021, eligibility for the Student Research Competition will continue to students who graduated in 2020, with the exception of those applicants who choose to withdraw their abstract from consideration.

Post-Doctoral Fellows, research associates, and non-students are not eligible for the Student Research Competition.

To participate in the Student Research Competition

  • Submit abstract for an oral or poster presentation during the Call for Abstracts.
  • During Step 3 (Session) of abstract submission, select “Apply” under the Student Research Competition heading and answer the additional questions to qualify.
  • Enter your additional abstract of 500 words or less specifically for the Student Research Competition.  The additional abstract will not be published and should highlight the novelty and importance of your research.

Additional Requirements:

Candidates must submit both the Student Research Competition application and the standard abstract for an oral or poster presentation through the Pacifichem 2021 system. Candidate abstracts must be accepted into one of the technical symposia or into one of the general poster sessions.

The Scientific Program Subcommittee will screen all entries and pre-select the top 240 first-round finalists, with judging based upon the 500-word abstract submitted for the competition.  These 240 finalists will prepare a 2-minute pre-recorded presentation to be available in the virtual congress platform during the congress.  Student Research Competition award winners will be selected based on the following criteria: (1) novelty and importance of the research and (2) and quality of the written abstract.

Selection Process

Applications screened from the Student Research Competition abstracts submitted through the Pacifichem 2021 abstract system.
First-Round Finalists (240 abstracts) selected.
Final Award Winners selected.

Schedule in 2021

(Deadline dates will be announced later)

  • July: Prescreening of the Student Research Competition candidates.
  • November: Prescreening completed with the selection of 240 finalists and the results e-mailed to all applicants.
  • Tuesday, December 16: Pacifichem 2021 begins.