International Travel and Visa Process

International Travel and Visas to the United States

If you need to apply for a temporary non-immigrant visa to attend the conference, you are advised to apply for your visa as soon as travel to the United States is contemplated and no later than 3-4 months in advance. International participants should start the visa process during June 2021 or earlier. If your country of residence is different from your country of citizenship or birth, it is recommended to start the application process at least 6 months in advance of the meeting. All applicants must qualify for a visa on their own merits under the requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Pacifichem 2021 cannot intervene with the U.S. State Department or an American embassy in another country on behalf of any meeting participant.

Process to Apply for a United States Visa

Pacifichem follows the same guidelines for visa application as The American Chemical Society (ACS). If you need a visa to attend Pacifichem 2021, you should start the visa application early. For some visa applications, the process could take months to complete, depending on the candidate’s country of origin and certain visa restrictions.

The step-by-step visa application instructions are located in the document, ACS Visa Process

Obtain an Invitation Letter/Announcement

An invitation letter or announcement from the meeting organizer is required with visa applications.


If you need documentation about an accepted abstract for a visa application, the invitation letter will be located under “Messages” in the 2021 Pacifichem Abstracts System presenter’s account once the abstract has been accepted and sessioned, retrieve the Acceptance Letter from your submission account directly use “Messages (New).” Note – in the abstract system the letter is titled “Visa Letters.”

Non-Presenter Attendees

To obtain a general invitation/announcement please complete the request form.

Complete the form to request an invitation/announcement to attend Pacifichem 2021 (to be submitted with visa applications). After you have submitted the form, Pacifichem staff will email you a PDF version of the letter.

Helpful Resources for Traveling Internationally